Why a Male Witch is NOT called a Warlock

 Although women do seem to predominate in the Craft (Wicca)  overall. In fact, some traditions have only women practitioners, just as others have only men.   A male Witch is simply called a Witch, never a warlock and it is considered an insult to call a male Witch “Warlock”.

The word “Warlock” actually means “oath breaker”. Some traditions of Wicca separate between female/male. The word “Wicce” pronounced (Wik-kay) designates a female Witch and “Wicca” pronounced (Wik-kah) designates a male Witch


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What is the difference Between Wicca And Witchcraft

This took me a little while to actually term, and give understanding to this due to the similarities in practices, terminology, and also common use of the words amongst those who would use them.

Many people who are unfamiliar with either witchcraft or Wicca will say that these words mean the same thing. They do not. Witchcraft is the practice of magick, whereby the material world is altered through an application of will by the witch.is a magical practice, but one that has no spiritual or religious connections.

Wicca on the other hand, is a religion and those who follow it are called Wiccans (Witches). Practicing witchcraft is an integral part of being Wiccan, but they are not one in the same. Fundamentally, Wicca is a religion where witchcraft is not.


What is Witchcraft for a Witch

Wicca Symbol…..

As taught through the British line, Witchcraft is a priesthood that teaches self-development and connection. It uses the tool of magic as a way to transmute, and to help develop and evolve the practitioner away from stagnant, and unproductive thought patterns, and their accompanying practices.

Witchcraft is polytheistic, and attributes its ultimacy to ‘the goddess’, and her consort ‘the God’, as well as a trinity known as the triple – goddess (maiden, mother, and crone). Witchcraft is often considered a spiritual science, that involves both practical, and spiritual means for expression, and learning.

The goal of the witch is to commune with her environment, and to create harmony from this communion and share it with her community, tribe, and people in general. The witches path will often lead her into other fields of paranormal practice  such as healing, divination, and herbology.

Can you say that Witchcraft is a Religion.

Some see it as a religion some don’t.

Wicca was founded(by, Gerald Gardener) much later then the first ever recordings of witchcraft, and is considered an organized religion.

Wicca adopts elements of British hereditary witchcraft, Thelema (a religion), and western occultism to make up its theology and overall philosophy. Many confuse Wicca for being witchcraft because of this, and so the confusions around the topic are common.



How to become a Witch

Have you ever known a Witch? well she’s kind and forgiving and honest and her word is as solid as a signed oath. She quietly practices her craft and celebrates her Esbats,Goddess and life.

Being a Witch has limitless potential and when practiced daily your powers (yes you have powers) grow. When I say powers I mean you can visualize change and ‘see’ energy (in your mind eyes open or closed) your focus is summoned at will and your Goddess (she’s inside you) is always there and you can feel even talk to her, whom ever Goddess you choose.

There are three ways of this limitless potential:

MAGICK: opportunity for unlimited potential, when your will is strong and your heart is focus only then will you succeed in your Magick, Also anxiety, stress and distraction will cause you to fail in your magick.

FAITH: awareness for unlimited potential, you SEE things differently like the sky is more blue or the grass a sharper green etc. You see what others take advantage of daily.

WORSHIP: Expression of unlimited potential, is all of MAGICK and FAITH combined its daily and as much as apart of you as breathing, it opens your heart. Remember its YOU that’s the tool,its YOU who can make this work or not, You and nothing or no one else.

Walking this path is … well no words can describe it you just need to see for yourself, the mother earth is all intimately connected to all living things, you realize holding onto negative emotions and behavior is a waist of time. The best way I can explain being a Witch is, you and your spirit become one, you feel it in your heart (center of life) your ALWAYS learning and the more you are learning the better you feel.

Witchcraft is the oldest religion (I don’t really like that term personally) When people say “your in a occult” say ” thanks” Occult simply means “to conceal and hide away knowledge from the uninitiated,The secret knowledge of the ancients “.When you are accused of “worshiping Satan or The Devil ” laugh … Why? because their ignorance has no bounds..and “worshiping” the devil is actually coined by The Christians who tried to convert everyone and put fear into the hearts of everyone, by telling them that Witches (once respected for their knowledge in Herbs, Healing work and as confidants) became a curse word, a dirty word.

So yes becoming a Witch is sorta intimidating only because of the tongue lashing the ignorant say. The best way to deal with them(when and if you decide to tell of your faith or if you choose to stay in secret. Which most prefer) be ready with you knowledge and facts and I promise you it will be a short argument.

I myself became a solitary Witch (practising alone) I was guided to this path as no religion felt right …just…. restrictive. Now my path is always learning and I never have been happier.

This is a very serious path if you choose to follow it, as its not a “hat” you can put on and off or a” trend” its a life style like a marriage… forever. Your empowered inside your a goddess in your own right, she was always there just waiting for you to listen to her.

Living with Wicca and Witchcraft

The witch’s world is rich and rewarding. Now that witchcraft has “come out of the broom closet” and people around the world are sharing their knowledge openly, the field is growing ever richer. Everyone’s experiences contribute to the development of the whole. Wicca and witchcraft are not static ideologies; they are constantly evolving, just like the women and men who are part of these wisdom traditions.